LibrePDX is a community with the common belief that great things are achieved through cooperation, accessibility and a strong supporting foundation. We believe that the open-source movement embodies these characteristics and helps strengthen some of the most positive qualities of a functioning society.

Let us illuminate our journey so others may discover us. Let us share our stories so that we may inspire and energize others to join us. Let us grow together, learn together and build upon each other. Let us become more than the sum of our parts and have fun along the way!

Our Mission

  • Document Portland's history as it relates to the open-source community. Right now most of our history is scattered or undocumented. Let us work to collect and preserve this!
  • Identify and build a graph of projects, companies and people involved in open-source related areas in the greater Portland area. ePDX has made a great start at building a wiki of connections within the tech community. Let us build on this and quantify the wealth we create!
  • Share our successes and challenges through community contributed articles. Most successes go unnoticed by people outside of the immediate community and mainstream media has a difficult time picking up what's newsworthy. Let us make it easy for everyone to learn about us!
  • Encourage and seed cross-pollination opportunities between the different sub-communities and beyond. Let us ensure that the tech, arts, music, education, government, finance and other communities know what we're each doing and how to effectively collaborate with each other!
  • Make it easy to get involved by reducing barriers and increasing opportunities for people to learn and find mentors. Let us make sure open-source is synonymous with having a great time!
  • Work towards a more sustainable society that is actively engaged in making our world a more enjoyable place to live. Let us work to reduce structural violence and create more opportunities for people to pursue the things they're passionate about!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Open-source is about software, right?
    No. While much of the open-source movement's history is centered around software, it can be generalized around the idea of giving back in a way that others can take and further build upon. Open-source can also be about the process as much as the product, working toward our goals in an open, transparent and inviting way that encourages participation.
  • How do you differ from Stumptown Syndicate and their mission?
    Some overlap of mission exists with Stumptown Syndicate and the hope is that the two groups will leverage each others' strengths. The two groups differ in structure and mechanics for participation; this enables different forms of involvement and participation.

    Stumptown Syndicate is a non-profit legal entity with a board of directors. At the moment, their efforts are mostly focused around bringing people together through events, ensuring groups have necessary resources to function and increasing education and diversity within the tech community.

    LibrePDX is a flat, non-legal do-ocracy focused around increasing visibility and connectedness of all things relating to the open-source model of development and community building. If you have a idea, share it! If you can do something, do it! If someone has your idea, join them! You can't fail if you volunteer, you can only learn.